A lot of people get confused in this game often, especially beginners, there are so many different units in it, some of them need to be unlocked while others are available from the beginning, people want to know which unit is more useful, how are they different from other units, etc.

I have decided to build the following diagram below to explain everything for you, to make things more clear and more enjoyable, I hope you will find it useful and helpful guys.

1)  Click feature – the most useless thing in the game, this unit simply gives you a cookie for every click. The main reason why I hate it is that it is not automated earner, in order to earn cookies with this feature you will have to stay in the game and click on it all the time, very annoying and stressful. Avoid upgrading this unit, upgrade it until you will unlock the baker and forget about it.

2) Baker is a very helpful guy, they bake cookies for you, this is pretty much passive income, just hire more bakers and you can even open a new tab in the browser and do some other stuff while bakers are doing hard work for your cookie empire.

3) Scout girls are your gate to the financial world of cookies, they will sell your cookies for you and you won’t even have to do anything, just pay them with cookies for selling your product.

As you can see at this point we have bakers who bake cookies for you and we have scout girls who can sell those cookies and help you earn cash. Money can be used for expanding your business further, we will talk about it below.

4) Tree, it may seem weird but trees can boost your sales in the game, plus it is important to buy more trees, they will help you to unlock other cool units, we will cover these cool units later on.

You probably noticed it but I will tell you about it anyway, in order to hire baker you must upgrade click feature couple of times, in order to unlock scout girl you will have to hire some specific amount of bakers and in order to get tree you will have to hire more scout girls and so on it goes on and on.

The game has a vertical of upgrading system, if you want to get cool units and expand your business you will have to purchase previous units first.

5) Factory, this is the next level step in your cookie business, the factory can produce tons of cookies per second. Another awesome unit for passive production. Buy the factory as soon as you will have such an opportunity.

6) Another step forward is an opening store, scout girls are really helpful but the opening store is far more important, with a help of store you can now plan to build your own brand, people will recognize your cookies and you will be able to sell more product and open more facilities.

7) The final step, the last unit in this game – Cookie Mall, at this point, you have your own brand, you have your own business plan, you have a lot of workers and you have the good name of an honest businessman. Your last step is to build your own cookie mall, this unit will cost you a lot of resources, a lot of time and dedication, but it is worth it, this is your final quest, do your best to complete it.

As you can see there are a lot of different units in this game, this is exactly why people love it, this is exactly why they are interested in it and find it entertaining and challenging. I personally love this game because it doesn’t take a lot of time, a lot of units in it work on their own, all you have to do is to close an additional tab in browser, leave the game running and visit it from time to time to upgrade current units or buy additional ones.

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