It’s not like we are too strict or something, but we have to make some rules in order to keep our community happy and positive. We plan to make a forum in the future, we plan to invite more users to our blog and add other cool social stuff to it, this is why we have decided to create simple rules.

I will list these rules below, please read them carefully and make sure that you follow them while you are on our blog.

No swearing on our blog, using bad words may cause a temporary ban.

No hate speech while you are here, racism will cause a permanent ban, keep that in mind.

We don’t allow you to add duplicate content, write your own unique articles and add them.

You can take our articles and share them, but first, you need to ask about permission from us.

We hate hackers and we don’t tolerate cheating, it will cause a ban!

You may take chat screenshots and you may take in-game screenshots, just blur other people’s names.

On the forum you can add links in your signature, our only problem is associated with links that feature gambling and other forbidden stuff, keep that in mind, please.

Adding games is allowed on our blog, as far as these games are not subject to copyright material.

You can join our room of admins, we don’t have strict requirements, we just need people who have some sort of experience in content writing, in web developments and in marketing.

You can open new topics on our forum, just make sure that such a topic doesn’t already exist, we usually delete duplicate topics!

Pretty simple rules right? Nothing complicated here or confusing. Follow these rules and you can enjoy our friendly community guys.

If you have some questions visit our FAQ page or send your questions via the contact form, cheers and have fun!