Game is free right?  Sure it is, in fact, we only create blogs which feature free online games.
 Can I play it a phone?  There is an app, just search it in on your device and download it for free on your phone.
 Where can I learn more about the blog?  We have a page called ‘About us’, there you can learn tons of interesting things.
 Are you planning to add more games?  We plan to add more games, but we will feature only games that are similar to Cookie Clicker.
 How can I reach you?  Either from the comments section or via a contact form, we answer pretty fast.
 Forum?  As soon as we will invite more people to our admin room. Right now we don’t have a big enough team for it.
 Do you guys love anime?  You are talking with otakus here, we don’t love anime, we admire it! P.S. Luffy will become a pirate king! 😀