Hi there boys and girls, so you have visited ‘about us’ page, this means that you interested in our blog and you would love to learn more, good, good…

First of all, there are three people behind this blog so far, we are dedicated gamers, we love to spend time playing different games and one of us knows how to build sites (he is web developer) and from time to time we build different gaming blogs on our favorite games.

This is exactly how cookieclicker.co.uk was born, we decided to create a blog because all three of us enjoy playing it, plus we wanted to share our experience and knowledge. It’s not really a big deal for us, we often build anime blogs as well, we love to share useful tips and enjoy the company of gamers.

Another reason why we have decided to dedicate this blog to Cookie Clicker game is that we hope to find similar games like this, we hope that our fellow visitors will share their suggestions with us. So fellow gamers, please take so time and leave your game suggestions below in the comments section, list all your favorite games there, it is recommended to list games which are similar to Cookie Clicker.

We are also willing to invite more people to our admin room, if you have good experience in web development, in article writing or you know how to handle blog building let us know, we lack people, we need more moderators in order to build a forum and other blogs.

With that being said, now you know who we are, now you know why we have decided to build this blog and what are our plans. If you still have some suggestions or questions feel free to contact us, we usually answer in one day, but if we have a lot of work it might take longer time.

P.S. Once again leave your game suggestions in comments, this is very important for us guys.