I’m a lazy game, what does it mean? Well, it means that I play simple games, games that help to relax, games that don’t require from me to press buttons fast, games that don’t need a fast reaction, a lot of thinking, complicated story-line, etc. I play simple games in order to de-stress, in order to relax and kill some time while I’m at work, this is why I really love (or even admire) Cookie Clicker.

For a simple game, I must say that it is very entertaining as well, it has challenge, it has different resources, it has upgrades, etc.

How to play:
Just click, no really simple click is all you need, you click on cookies and each click gives you one unit. You can, later on, use these cookies to hire bakers, bakers give you the opportunity to get passive income, you just collect cookies without a click and you can sell your product for cash. With a help of cash, you can hire scout girls, they will sell for you cookies and increase your income, the more money means more opportunities, you can even open your own store, open factory, etc.

As you can see the game is pretty much replica of the modern world economy, you can expand your business in this game and enjoy new opportunities and features which game can offer you in time. Starting from the bottom and up to own factory, sounds awesome right?

Click on cookies icon and you will earn one cookie for a single click, when you have enough resources click on bakers, scout girls, stores, etc. In other words, all actions in the game are performed with the help of a single mouse click.

Full list of upgrades
   Click upgrade
   Scout girl
   Cookie mall

These are all available upgrades in the game, for additional details click here.

There are various upgrades in the game. The first one is the upgrade of click value, you can earn more resources with the help of a single mouse click, but I really don’t recommend to focus on this feature. It is better to hire people who will earn resources for you so you won’t have to click all the time, passive income is a smart way in this game!
You can hire bakers and earn more cookies.
You can hire scout girls and they will sell cookies for you, this way you will earn cash.
You can buy a tree and it will improve your sales.
You can open a store and sell cookies faster (improved version of scout girls).
You can open the cookie mall.
And finally, we have the main upgrade of the game factory, in order to open it, you will have to collect a lot of cash.

Game menu:
There are some tools that are essential for your game, first of all, check left top corner of the game window, as you can see there are located two fields: cookies/s and income/s, it counts how many cookies you provide per second and how many dollars you earn per second, make sure that you have a balance between these two stats.

On the right side of the game window, we have available upgrades, highlighted ones can be purchased at the current moment.

Other features are pretty simple so I won’t explain them here, for example, the cookie icon gives you cookies if you click on it.
Income and wallet show you how much cash you have at the moment, etc.

Find this game on your phone:
A lot of people often ask us if you can play this game on the phone, the answer is yes. Simply search this game on your device and you will get free app instantly. If you are lazy and you don’t want to search for it yourself you can open our blog from your phone, scroll down and click on the images below, for iOS users on Apple Store image and for Android users Google Play image, it is pretty simple guys (please don’t ask about it again, thanks).

Video guide of Cookie Clicker:
Nowadays every subject has an associated video guide on YouTube, a lot of people find it too boring to read articles, they prefer to watch videos and learn from it. We have decided to follow this modern trend, we have decided to add video guide for you below, this guide will help you to learn a lot of new interesting stuff and get some ideas how this game works and which strategy is better for building cookie empire.

A similar game (with weird name):
Did you know that there is a similar game out there and the name of this game is Poop Clicker? Kind of weird name right? I have heard about this game a while ago and at first, I was kind of confused, name of the game seemed too weird even for me, I have decided to avoid it, but later on, my friend told me that it was pretty entertaining and interesting.

I have played it for a while and I was surprised that this game had more upgrades and more units in it compared with Cookie Clicker. It kind of had more space for maneuvers, more space for planning and more things to play with.

Don’t let name of the game to fool you, this is a pretty challenging game and if you are a fan of clicking games you will love it. Give it a try guys and let me know what your thoughts about it are.

I think we have covered pretty much all the interesting features of this game above, we have discussed different strategies, we have listed all upgrades in the game, all units and what they offer us, etc.

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Additionally, you can learn interesting details regarding upgrades of this game here, I took some time and wrote a pretty big article about different game units, how they work, what they offer you and how to unlock them. Read this guide, it is useful for beginners.

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